Name:  Michael Aiken

Age: 32

Married:  Yep (Kristy Aiken, the author of an awesome blog; http://www.picklesandprunejuice.com) who is a stinkin sexy woman, and I am her biggest fan!  (sorry babe, don’t blush)

Kids:  3 (+?) Kalee 4yrs old, Emilee 2yrs old, and Mackenzy who has already been called home to be with the ALMIGHTY!  More to come, ehh maybe….women, especially mine, are really hard to say no to!

Shape:  Out of it. But don’t worry because Kristy is working on that!

Religion:  Follower of Jesus Christ!

So basically here it is in a nut shell.  God speaks.  We rarely hear or listen or acknowledge.  So I have felt for a long time that God has been telling me to do something.  As a matter of fact for a very very long time!  Over the past few weeks it has become more and more that God has been telling me to do this….write a blog.  Weird huh?  All the things that I hear and its….WRITE A BLOG?!  So of course I did not listen for a while.  In the mean time I was reading a few books, not several like my wife because, well I am just not that good at keeping attention at it.  But when I do read, I listen to what God is trying to tell me.  Or better yet I TRY to listen to what God IS telling me.  So main themes in the books I was reading that I keep feeling were basically that MEN NEED TO RISE UP!  It has been too long that us as christian men have set by idle while we let this world be over ran by the enemy!  Satan is real, Satan is real, Satan is real, and he has been very busy while we have all been asleep!  It is time to RISE UP.  Take OUR FAMILIES BACK.  Become LEADERS IN OUR COMMUNITIES.  FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND GOOD!  BE THE MEN THAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO BE!  Starting to come together?  No, really?  Ok, so let me continue then…

My wife is part of a pretty awesome community of Christian ladies called Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Never heard of it?  Really?  Google it then is all I can say, but you may need to get out from the rock you have been under first.  No really, it has been really inspiring to see Kristy and the these group (really really huge group) of ladies studying Gods word.  So I started to ask Kristy, what can I do?  I want to be a part of a men’s study…..well…..very hard to find.  In fact nonexistent to the magnitude and level of commitment and passion from P31.  So that is another reason I felt the need to do this blog.  Not only do I hope that through God and GOD ALONE, we as a community of men will rise up, but I pray a time will come when we can read and study the Bible and Christian books by Christian authors.

So there it is.  I understand that God may not use this for anyone but me!  I understand that I may say things here that make people mad or upset.  I understand that I may make a multitude of mistakes, but thankfully I have the LORD ALMIGHTY on my side.  I do believe however, that we are long over due to hear some of those things that make our stomachs hurt, make us mad, and test what we believe.  “GOD IS NOT DEAD HE IS SURELY ALIVE”!

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